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Get your own custom SMS Cartridge PCB !!

$49.99 USea.




D.I.Y. 8M-Bit (1MByte) SEGA Master System Flash Cartridge

Below you will find links to a Zip archive which includes my schematic design & PCB layout.



Below is the Original SMS SONIC Blast Cartridge and is one of the few 8M-Bit cartridges available for the SMS. These 8M-Bit (1MByte) cartridges are made by "TEC TOY" the SEGA game distributor based in Brazil.



Shown below is the 1MByte SMS cart from TEC TOY "Virtua FIghter Animation".



Shown below is the 1MByte SMS Cart from TEC TOY "Street FIghter II".



Shown below are two more 1MByte SMS Carts from TEC TOY

"Sangokushi III" & "Sitio do Picapau Amarelo".





**************************** =SMS 1MByte Flash Cart =*************************

I decided to design this Cartridge when I heard about an SMS Cartridge using the 315-5912 SEGA mapper chip. This of course was the highly sought after SMS version of "Sonic Blast".

After I had recently plotted the Pinouts for the 315-5912 SEGA mapper, I decided to try and design a 1MByte Flash cartridge for the SMS.

The site Admin "Bock" from recently provided me with a few Hi-Resolution images of the Rare cartridge PCB. I had hoped to purchase one and reverse engineer the PCB design. However, I then realized that these cartridges are Extreemly Rare and are very costly to purachse second hand off sites like eBay. They usually sell for around $200 or even $300 if not more.

Below are the Images of the official SMS cartridge "Sonic Blast".



Lacking the SMS Sonic Blast cartridge, I still managed to design a Schemeatic for use with the SMS console. It still has to be tested fully but I am confident the design will work. I'll post my results and photos of my completed Prototype PCB once it has been tested.

So essentially this is a 1MByte Flash cartridge for the SMS, but you could just use it as DIY Sonic Blast cartridge, considering that these particular carts are hard to come by. However, having 1MByte of Flash memory for use with SMS game development is very attractive as well.


********************** =SCHEMATICS & PCB LAYOUT= ************************

Time permitting I will update this section with a Proceadures PDF along with an Instructional video for you to follow. With my other projects on the go, I just don't have the time to Film and assemble all this together. So hopefully soon I will get some time and post all of that for you all. So check back from time to time.

So far, I have designed a double sided PCB for this 1MByte SMS Flash cartridge. It is larger than your average SMS cartridge, due to limitations of the PCB's I use. Using traces that are too close together will result in many solder bridges. This is too time consuming to repair. So in turn, I decided to use thicker trace lines and increase the board size.

I will post updated pictures of the Prototype PCB shortly. But for now you can view the Ultra Hi-Resolution Schematics and PCB layout that I designed in the CadSoft Eagle software.

Ultra Hi-Resolution images for both the schematic and PCB are shown below.


The above Schematic is 9356 X 7256 Pixels. (Used for previewing purposes only)

*** Use the provided Eagle Schematic and PCB Layout files for etching and printing.***



This schematic has just been updated with a few changes to the /MREQ line. There are still a few revisiions required, for GND lines and pads. But 95% of it is completed. The Prototype PCB is currently being tested and revised.


The above PCB Image is in Hi-Res at 300 DPI. (Used for previewing purposes only)

**** Use the provided Eagle Schematic and PCB Layout files for etching and printing.****


Once again I used SnowCat's SEGA Eagle library for the SMS cartridge edge and the 315-5912 Mapper. He also recently made up a library file for the AMD29F800BB flash chip. Thanks again SnowCat!


The CadSoft Eagle files I will post once they have been finalized.

Some revisions may still come up.

My Eagle schematic design and prototype PCB layout:

Eagle Schematic & PCB Download Pack.ZIP



So you will need to purchase the required TSOP 44 Pin sockets for both your Willem Programmer and another to connect to the above PCB, in order to accept the Programmed Flash chip. This is the same as with my 1MByte GG flash cartridge. For now you will have to wire the socket to the PCB Flash chip PADs on the PCB. Eventually I will get a library file to accommodate the PSOP44 Socket. But for now, some soldering work is required. Leaving the Flash chip permanently attached to the PCB is another option. Although you will need to build a custom programmer with a cartridge dock to program this type of cartridge.

Below is an Image of the TSOP 44 Socket Adapter for the Willem Universal Programmer that accommodates the AM29F800BB flash chip.




Shown below is the PSOP44 socket that you will need to interface to the PCB. This makes it convenient for reprogramming when using the WIllem programmer. eBay is great place to find these components or sites like "Taobao".


As I mentioned before, another alternative for programming your flash chip, is to build a custom programmer or a custom interface cable to connect the Willem programmer to the Flash cartridge PCB. You can then have the TSOP Flash chip embedded inside the cartridge permanently and program it through a cable interface. But as I've mentioned before, this is another project on it's own and will not be discussed here.

Regardless how you build it, you can now build our own 1MByte SMS Flash cartridge.

Enjoy this everyone!


Kind Regards,

Gerry O'Brien