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Gerry's Electronics & Robotics Laboratory


My Lab incorporates various stations such as:
Circuit Board Development, CPLD & FPGA programming, Electronics repair, Robotics,
Analog/Digital Circuit design R&D, circuit diagnostics and testing.
I have purchased most of my Lab equipment broken or slightly damaged and performed the repairs myself.
A poor man's Lab so to speak.


-=My Octo-Display Computer Programming Station=-

My Octo-Display setup for Micro-Controller Programming, VHDL Programming with CPLD's/FPGA's, Schematic & PCB design, Video/Image Editing and also Web design. I built up this PC computer using 3 separate Graphics display cards, one being an older MATROX 4-PORT SVGA display card. I configured the system to share Graphics processing RAM throughout the 8 connected monitors.

This station provides a Total Screen Resolution of 6545 X 1980 Pixels.

The use of the Multi-display setup is extremely beneficial, especially for working with Schematics and Video Editing.


-=My Octo-Display Construction=-

The commercially available Monitor mounting Brackets and Stands can cost as much as $1800 depending on the models and distributors. I decided to save some cash and so I used standard threaded Galvanized project Pipe and various couplings, for mounting the top 4 LCD monitors. The bottom 4 are just placed on the computer Desk as normal. The project pipe is available fairly cheaply from most Hardware Stores. The Threaded sections allowed for precise height control and I was able to establish the Array of monitors with nice tight fit.

Feel Free to Navigate through the different stations within my Lab.

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