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This is my Links section. Need I say more?

Educate youself about anything by watching MIT & Harvard graduate Salman Khan Instructional videos.

Salman is the founder of the "Khan Acadamy" website.


Visit the KHAN ACADEMY website



Important Websites that I would like to HighLight: Need some help with your VHDL code? or your other Engineering related projects? Join the forum. Talk with other Professionals in the industry to help troubleshoot and solve your problems. A great resource. The One and only SEGA 8-Bit Electronics Develoments page The well known Game Programmer "Flavor" His Neo Geo Pocket Color FLash cart and USB Linker Developments Website and Forum. My Buddy Darren's (A.K.A. "Snow_Cat") Personal Website Blog. This is the Art gallery of the 3D Artist that allowed me to use a Still Image Render of the SEGA Game Gear in my SEGA Game Gear 512Kb Instructional video. My Friend John's (THE STIGsGameRoom) Sega Game Gear YouTube Channel. John's deticated SEGA GAMGEAR CHANNEL (For the Game Gear system Only)



My Yahoo Group websites that I started up and currently Admin. "DATA I/O" brand name Universal Programmers Group. Gameboy and Game Handhelds Electronics Group. Tektronix TECHs Yahoo Group. For exchanging Files and discussing equipment repair. A group devoted to the Altera CPLD MAX 7000 Family series of CPLD chips. Discussions from VHDL to Universal programmers and the Altera MPU and APU Chip programmers. This Xilinx CPLD programming Group. Anything relating to Xilinx Hardware or software both old and new. :)



Useful Electronics Links: Learn all about electronics From the basics to the advanced in both Analog and Digital electronics. Also download free 500 page textbooks in PDF format. A great OP-AMPs for Digital Electronics Reference Website. (Comparators - Zero crossing detectors) An overview of Flash Memory Basics and Interfacing techniques. This is a really great Website. Website discussing the fundamentals of ASIC components and the various types of components that are classified as ASIC chips. (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits) i.e. CPLD's and FPGA's fall under the ASIC catagory. Very interesting read.



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