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Gerry O'Brien



Electronics / Robotics Technician



Currently working for "ROSS VIDEO Ltd." as an

"Electronics Test Development Technician".



Hi-End Electronics Repair, FPGA & CPLD programming (VHDL), CRS Robotics, Fanuc Robotics, Electronics hardware interfacing, Custom Electronics design and Fabrication, Hobby Electronics Education, Video Production, Web design, Professional Audio electronics repair.



Algonquin College: 2005 Robotics Technician Diploma.

Algonquin College: 2009-2012 attended as part of the Electronics/Telecommunications Technologist program.

Algonquin College: Welding Oxy-Acet, ARC Levels I & II, MIG, TIG.

Algonquin College: Solderring & Wire harness assembly.

Algonquin College: CPLD Programming.



Gerry has been experimenting with electronics and Robotics from the time he was 8 years old. Like many of us, he was the kid that took everything apart to learn how things worked. As he grew up he developed a great passion for electronics and now after his post secondary education, and gaining valuable work experience; he still spends most of his off time continuing to study and learn various Technologies both new and old. With his love to share and help other electronics hobbyists, Gerry shares his projects with the world through his Website and YouTube channel. His past experience in Video Production allows him to produce in depth Instructional Videos to acompany his tutorials.

Gerry loves to explain things in Layman terms and sees no need to make things overly complicated.

He also believes that Khan Academy is the way to go."

Gerry is an experienced Electronics & R.O.V. Robotics Technician. He enjoys working on his own R&D projects in his home based electronics Lab. From building custom mechatronic systems to assembly language programming. Some of Gerry's current Hobby related interfacing projects involve programming CPLD & FPGA Devices using the "VHDL" hardware description language and also interfacing to SICK "LIDAR" laser scanners. Gerry currently works for the company "ROSS VIDEO Ltd." as an Electronics Test Development Technician. Working alongside the development team to produce testing infrastructure; including source code programming for custom made HMI interfaces.