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Willem Universal Programmer

Many of you are probably familiar with this little Programmer.

They are quite popular amongst hobbyists due to their low cost ($40.00 on eBay) They are capable of programming a large number of components; ranging from EEPROM's, Flash memory to Microcontrollers. Its only downlfall is poor documentation and operating instructions for both the hardware and software and that it uses the vanishing LPT Parallel Printer Port. They are cumbersome to configure, but once you figure out the basics, it's pretty straight forward.

I have compiled an Instructional video showing basic FLash chip programming using an ATMEL AT49F040 4M-Bit Flash chip shown below.

This video was compiled for my Gameboy Flash cartridge instructional video, but it will at least get you going. I have also provided some schematics for the Willem in case you wanted to troubleshoot or build yourself an adapter for a particular chip. Some of the TSOP series adapters cost more than the Programmer itself, so it can be beneficial if you can build your own adapters.

Willem Programmer Schematics


Below are a few more Willem Scheamatic Download links for you to check out:

1. 16Bit DIP 40 / 42 Adapter

2. TSOP48 Adapter Schematic

3. Adapter Firmware Hub - PCB Layout