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For my DIY Flashcart projects...... is an SD-CARD optional ?

It is possible , but this increases the complexity of the final cartridge design because you have to add a Micro-controller (AVR) to control memory flow. Most Game consoles are parallel based memory modules which increases the read speeds and overall performance. The SD type cards are serial based memory devices. So each data bit of information is fed into and out of the card one bit at a time. A microcontroller is used to read the SD card serially and transfer the data to a RAM chip that has a parallel output that the game console can interface with. Now by adding a Micro-controller we have added some programming into the project as well. The micro-controller needs a specific set of instructions to follow; in order to execute the proper memory flow control between the SD card and the RAM chip. You would then also have to make a custom PCB in order to accommodate both the Microcontroller & RAM chips.

So by using an SD card or similar “serial” based memory device, the complexity goes way up.

The Flash cart projects on my site are meant to keep the complexity as low as possible. This way we can interface to the Game unit by some mere soldering work and purchasing a cheap 4Mbit Flash chip and a reasonably affordable Universal chip Programmer like the "Willem" as I have demonstrated in the videos. Remember, you can use these Univesal programmers for many other projects as they are capable of programming hundreds of other Memory chips, including Micro-Controllers. So it is an investment if you're going to be doing other electronics projects.  

Again, my projects are meant for those Hobbyists that love to build and have a blast through the whole building process. If this is not you, then an alternative would be to purchase a retail flash cart (that have SD-CARD support) from companies like or Most designs are priced between $75.00 & $150.00 US.

Hope this helps clarify things.
If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask.


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