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My JTAG Technologies "JT-37x7/TSI" Boundary-Scan Controller and its

Quad-POD Interface model "JT-2148".

The JT-37x/TSI Datablaster controller is available with 1 of 3 different onboard Flash memory modules.

These modules are installed during manufacturing and you simply designate which module you require before purchase.

You may request a 32M-Bit (JT-3707), 64M-Bit (JT-3717) or 128-M-Bit (JT-3727) module for on-board flash image memory.

Once installed, a manufacturing sticker is placed on the bottom of the Controller enclosure, designating which memory module is installed.


ThisThis type of controller can be used for performing Boundary scan Testing and also JTAG ISP programming. Components can be interfaced directly or as part of a JTAG Chain where multiple components are connected in a series Daisy-Chain as shown in the image below:

You can use the Free JTAG Technologies software

"JTAG-Live" and also the $125 package "JTAG=Live+Plus" which supports added features.

For more information on this system you can review the Spec sheets shown below:





What is JTAG Boundary Scan?

(IEEE 1149.1 Standard Test access port and Boundary scan architecture)

JTAG Boundary Scan Introduction




Check out the new Free JTAG Boundary Scan software

"JTAG Live Buzz"




JTAG "TAP" interface and Boundary Scan explained




JTAG ProVision Software


Official "JTAG" hardware products released by JTAG.COM


These official JTAG controllers vary in Price starting at $265.00 to as high as $1250.00. These are sophisticated professional JTAG controllers used by software and hardware design engineers in the development and manufacturing industry worldwide.

See the link below for further details


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