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Gerry's Messy Electronics/Robotics

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Xilinx Classic DOS based Design software


Design Manager

Check out the XACT Design Manager Software Reference Guide for more details @ the Link below:



Xilinx Classic CPLD Programmer


RS-232 Programmer

Shown below is the Xilinx HW-130 CPLD Programmer. The Programmer supports the XC1700 Serial PROMs, XC7300 & XC9500 CPLDs. Various adapters are available for all the different Device package types.

This Programmer provides the ability to Program, Erase and verify CPLD Devices. One can also assert a Security bit for Logic design protection against piracy theft. Blank Check and also Signiture ID test can be performed on connected devices. Many other funtions are also available.

See the Units Users Guide for more details at the Download link shown below:


Also read the section entitled "HW-130 Programmer" from the Xilinx 1998 Databook. Link Below:



Xilinx "Foundation" Series Software GUI

See the Links below for various Xilinx Foundation Series User Guides.


If you're into Xilinx CPLD's you can Join my Xilinx_MASTERS Group :